The scared bride
Hand coloured drypoint print     15 cm x 20 cm      2014


Anne Langdon


Anne Langdon was born in Hamilton, Victoria. She lives in Smythesdale, Australia, and her studio is an important part of her rural property. Anne completed a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education and Diploma of Fine Arts.  She has been involved in her art practice for more than thirty five years, being involved in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

In the past ten years at Smythesdale she has found her surroundings have stimulated and enhanced her whimsical figurative style. Anne explores her environment but is always aware her art reflects the female context.

Anne Langdon concentrated initially on printmaking, and worked on multi coloured silk-screens using the negative screen technique. She then moved onto relief prints and solar plate etchings. However in the last fifteen years, Anne has been involved in painting and mixed media working on both large and small scale canvasses. She also finds it interesting to combine prints and painting together which often creates a more textural collage effect. Her printmaking has been a consistent part of her practice and has been extended into textile  based works but still maintained within a mainstream print genre.

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Artist Statement:
'Life is all about our journeys that impact on those around us. I would like to think my art provides a platform for thinking and reflection. ‘The Scared Bride’ explores my reflection of the recent wedding of my son. I believe we all make decisions in our lives that impact on our directions and making a commitment is an enormous step that should not be taken lightly. We all have feelings that we sometimes try to hide and it is this that makes me wonder and project into my work.'