Watercolor and pencil on Ache paper
19 cm x 15 cm


Sandra Angliss


Sandra Angliss was born in Mordialloc, Melbourne in 1960.

She is an artist and art teacher, currently teaching children with special needs. Sandra has been interested in making art and playing with colours and ideas since she was a young child.

She gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from RMIT (1986-88) and is a trained visual arts teacher. In 1999 Sandra joined INWAC and in 2003 she formed INWAA-Australia with other local artists from the Box Hill Community Arts Centre.

She has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions since 1984, both in Australia and internationally.

Artist statement:

“Our young son, Simon, is finding the journey from childhood through to young adulthood difficult and painful. We have tried many strategies to help him. So far the best therapy and help has been the joyous company of our new dog Bam Bam, who we found at the local RSPCA. They have become good mates and look out for each other. The love between a boy and his dog is unspoken, unconditional, age-old and universal.”