After Rain
Oil painting
87 cm x 87 cm


Kathy Fahey


Kathy Fahey was born in Birchip, Victoria.  She has a degree in History and Politics and a Bachelor of Visual Arts, Painting.  Kathy works for the Box Hill Community Arts Centre as an Arts Administrator and Art Teacher.  She has been a practising artist for over twelve years and exhibits regularly in both solo and group shows.

Kathy works in many mediums including painting, printmaking, artist books and ceramics. Whatever the medium or subject matter,   Kathy’s work is about the painterly surface, and the combination of colour, form and movement in the art making process. Her subject matter ranges from depictions of the urban or rural landscapes to simple still life paintings.

Artist Statement:

This piece reflects my love of painting and drawing.  I want the viewer to enjoy the work, to   respond positively to the surface, colour and composition.   For me, the making of art is a ‘labour of love’, it is not always easy, sometimes frustrating, but ultimately something I love and have to do.