Love is Precious
 45 cm x 32 cm x 32 cm


Ingrid Dusselberg


Ingrid Dusselberg was born in Italy, but spent her childhood years in Germany. As a young adult she and her husband migrated to Australia. Soon after arriving she fell in love with clay and completed formal studies in ceramics.

She started by making a range of vessels, which quickly metamorphosed into sculptural forms, such as crazy teapots and decorative pieces. Ingrid completely transitioned to making sculpture and specializes in stylized, figurative work, mainly depicting women, exploring emotions, concerns for animals and the environment.
Ingrid loves the tactile quality of clay and the three dimensional aspect of sculpture.
Her work is represented by Bird’s Gallery, Kew. She exhibits on a regular basis, nationally as well as internationally.

She also enjoys teaching in the sculpture school, she runs with her husband and finds it a wonderful balance to her creative life.

Artist statement:

Once I created a ‘Tree of Life’ sculpture of my life and in my visual diary I quoted all things I wanted to include: my love for family, my love for nature and animals, my love for people, friends, my love for the arts, for clay, for books, the sun, the outdoors, etc. , in short my love for the life I live.
To me giving and receiving love creates untold happiness. I hope, that this love infuses my work and touches people in some way.