Letter to Women Artists

International Women Artists
Exhibition XI-Mongolia 2014
July 19 to 26, 2014@ Art Gallery of UMA, Ulaanbaatar city

Program of Activities


Day 1 - July 19, 2014 (Sat)
Welcome International Women Artists from Chinggis Khaan Airport. Drive to Hotel.

Day 2 - July 20, (Sun)
International artists will visit National History Museum of Mongolia and Central Square and have pictures.

In the evening, artists will view performance of National Song and Dance Ensemble.

Day 3 - July 21, (Mon)
City tour: Bogd Khaan Palace Museum, Tsagaan Darium Art Museum, Badamkhand Art Museum

In the evening, Opening ceremony of exhibition and reception.

Day 4 - July 22 (Tue)

Trip outside Ulaanbaatar city to the beautiful Terelj National Park. Fun adventures such as hiking, horseback riding and camelback riding.


A trip to Tsonjin Boldog to see Chinggis Khaan Complex Venue and experience nomadic life.

-9th INWAC Council Meeting For Chairpersons of INWAAs and elected Council members only.

Camp fire party and sleep in a Mongolian ger.

Day 5, July 23 (Wed)
A trip to Mongol Shiltgeen near Ulaanbaatar City and watch traditional performances.
Return to hotel and rest.

Day 6 July 24, (Thu)
INWAC Art Seminar.
City Tour. Fine Arts Museum, Mongolian Modern Art Gallery. Visit some artist studios.

Farewell party

Day 7 July 25, (Fri)
Shopping, and the artists will be at the Gallery to take down the artworks to bring back to hotel.

Day 8 July 26 (Sat)

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