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Her Presence In Colors IX –

International Women Artists Exhibition

-USA 2010 held at Littman Gallery showcasing female artists' work centered on self-portraiture. The theme: “Self Portrait - Reflection of Oneself” provides a guideline and overtone for the entire exhibition that reflects self awareness, vision and sensitivities related to the artists” gender .

The artworks on display were 86 self portraits created by  women artists from 22 countries.
(4 artists works did not arrived in time for the exhibition) .


Her Presence In Colours exhibition, a biannual cross cultural  event that gather a collective effort among women artists of different nationalities and cultures to foster the awareness of women's art and a common vision and mission towards the growth of a new global cultural of peace, harmony and compassion


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Welcome reception art seminar, visits, art tour ,farewell dinner...


Mayor Adams welcomes the International Women Artists' Exhibition

By Cary Clarke
Tue, August 3, 2010 4:58pm

Portland has been given the great honor of being the first city in the United States ever to host the biannual International Women Artists' Exhibition as well as the 84 distinguished female artists from 24 different countries which it brings together for a week of dialogue, collaboration and art.   

Mayor Adams was proud to officially welcome the international group to Portland at an opening reception at City Hall that was marked by regional color including a jug band, local beer from the Oregon Brewers Guild, remarks from the leadership of the Oregon Women's Caucus for Art and, of course, some very hospitable Royal Rosarian ambassadors in full be-caped regalia.  The mayor spoke about the complementary relationship between the exhibition and Portland, given the city's commitment to equity, creativity and cross-cultural understanding before cutting the ceremonial red ribbon and kicking off the festivities.  Fittingly, the reception took place in the building's north atrium underneath the art installation Suspended Migration by artist Dana Lynn Louis.

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Chinese Newspaper 中文新闻报导


High Tea and Entertainment at City Hall, Portland.

  Addressed by:  
Adjunct Prof Una Kim ( co chair, Exhibition committee);
Karen Swallow (Oregon Women's Caucus for Art) ;
Babara Steinberg (Travel Portland); Tim DuRoche,(Royal Rotarian) ; Dr. Yuen Chee Ling ( President, Internaitonal Women Artists Council); Mr. Sam Adams (Mayor of Portland).
Ribbon  cutting  ceremony by:
  Mr. Sam Adams (Mayor of Portland) & Dr. Yuen Chee Ling ( President, International Women Artists Council); accompanied by Karen Swallow (OWCA)

   August 3, 2010
 Art Seminar -Female Awareness , Identity and Self Realization

On the 3th of August, INWAC organized the art seminar at the Eco Trust Center, Portland.  The theme: Female Awareness , Identity and Self Realization, reflects the urge of the women artists to seek for self identity and awareness related to the female gender.  Sandra Angliss, the Honorary Secretary of INWAC was the chair for the art seminar. The seminar started off by Dr. Yuen Chee Ling, the President of INWAC and  then followed by the chairpersons/representatives from INWAC subcenters including Dr. Larrisa Noury and Professor Noury( France), Nguyen Thi Guang Vinh(Vietnam); Dr. Prapapan Nagavachara(Thailand); Maria Esmont (Russia);Carolyne Landon( USA);Yoko Naga ( Japan); Siti Mariah(Malaysia/USA); Pan Jin Ling & Elsa Pan( Macau);



Joy Wu (Taiwan);Zhao Heng ( China); Lan Mei Cheng ( Shanghai) and Sandra Angliss (Australia)


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Opening @ 5th of August at Littman Gallery- click to view video