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Exhibition 1993-2010
Her Presence In Colours X- Vietnam 2012
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Conservatory of Fine Arts
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Conservatory of Fine Arts/ INWAC
Lot  8-G -4, Sunny Point Complex, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11700 Penang, Malaysia Tel: 604-5375388,  
(INWAC's Secretariat office)



Since 1993---


The original initiator and organizer of
Her Presence In Colours-

Asian/International Women Artists Exhibition series  
since 1993

International Women Artists Council (INWAC)

started since 1999...

Her Presence In Colours I -7 Asian Women Artists Exhibition  1993 held  at Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, in July 1993 was the First Asian Women Artists Exhibition

Successful Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City- Vietnam !

Her Presence In Colours X- International Women Artists Exhibition -Vietnam 2012 was successfully held at Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum from June 22 -25, 2012
212 women artists from 20 different countries with various cultural traditions and customs exhibit together under one roof. The biggest international women artists exhibition so far.

The theme of the exhibition cum art conference: “Women's Art - a New Direction in Global Culture” reflects the common vision and mission of the women artists and their aspiration for the development of a new global culture that focuses on the humanity aspects of life and their concern for the realization of a sustainable environment.

Guests of Honour: Mr. Hua-Ngoc-Thuan  Vice Chair, People’s Committee of HCMC (2nd from right)and Mrs Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, Member/Central Committee of Vietnamese Communist Party,  Deputy Committee Secretary of HCMC (1nd from right) accompanied byDr-Yuen-Chee Ling, President, International Women Artists Council and  Mr. Huynh-Van-Muoi, President of HCMC Fine Arts Association were viewing the artworks on displayed

Related Activities
  June 23, 2012- ceramic painting workshop at Ming Long Company   June 25, 2012- Art Seminar at the HCMC Fine Arts University.   June 26, 2012-Mekong delta river – Ben tre -Visit to Coconut candy factory   June 27, 2012- Farewell Party by the riverside at Ky Long and Nguyen Arts garden, Ham Long Art Village.  
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The proposal of the exhibition by Nasaa Bayanjargal, the Chairperson of INWAA- Mongolia
was accepted on June 23, 2012 during the 8th INWAC meeting at
Ming Long Company, HCMC, Vietnam

Coming show in Vietnam!

Her Presence In Colours IX- Mongolia 2014

Modern Art Gallery of Mongolia, Ulanbataar

Date: July 19-26,2014

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